Terms and Conditions

Adults Only

  1. The Festival is an over 18’s event.

  2. You must show Valid Photo ID at the Gate and at any other time We, the Venue Owner or a Vendor request. No exceptions. If you do not show Valid Photo ID at the Gate or when requested, We will refuse You entry or service, and take steps to remove You from the Venue.

  3. Minors 12 years of age and younger may attend the Festival in the company of their parent or legal guardian. All minors 13 years of age and over will, however, be refused entry. No exceptions.

  4. In relation to all matters relating to age, Our decision is final.


  1. No ticket, no entry, no exceptions.

  2. Each ticket has a unique barcode and, unless otherwise stated at the time of booking, each ticket is valid to admit 1 adult only (You may not share Your barcode with any other person).

  3. The ticket price will not be refunded if You are unable to attend the event. However, You may transfer Your ticket to another person either for free, or for the price You originally paid.

  4. You may not re-sell your ticket for profit.

  5. The ticket price includes all applicable GST.


  1. At the Gate, We will exchange Your ticket for a Wristband.

  2. You must wear Wristband for the duration of Your stay at the Festival. Do not intentionally remove Wristband, because any person caught without one will be required to leave the Venue or purchase a Smart Wristband for the last published ticket price.

  3. If You become worried that it may fall off, please speak to Us at the Info Tent.

Festival Information & Updates

  1. All information & updates about the Festival – including changes to these terms and conditions, weather warnings and date changes – will be posted on the Website. Please check the Website for current information before leaving home, and print the directions. during Your journey.

The Venue

  1. The Venue a privately owned property. Please treat it with respect, as you would your own backyard.

  2. The Festival Map – available on the Website – shows the boundaries of the Venue. Please respect these boundaries, and do Your best to avoid trespassing on neighbouring properties.


  1. The Gates will open at 11am on Thursday, and close at 5pm on Monday. You will not be able to access the Venue before 11am on Thursday and You must exit the Venue by 5pm on Monday, no exceptions.

  2. Each ticket includes the right to camp at the Campsite on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Thursday night camping is available for an extra $60.00 per person, by pre-sale through the Website or cash at the Gate.

  3. The campsite is a place to rest. If You are not tired, respect your neighbours by partying on the dance floor.

  4. Independent sound systems and generators are not permitted anywhere in the Campsite. If We catch You with one, You may be asked to leave.

  5. Please, Leave No Trace. You and We are privileged to have access to the Venue, and the continued success of the Festival depends on You.

    • a) Garbage bags will be available at the Info Tent if required

    • b) Please bin cigarette butts (or use the portable ashtray we supply on entry).

    • c) No fires, and no dogs.

    • d) Please only use fully biodegradable soaps and cleaning products in the waterway and in the Campsite.

    • e) Please demonstrate respect for nature, and try to minimise Your footprint.

    • f) Please actively encourage Your mates to do the right thing.


  1. We reserve the right to alter the advertised artists or program (including by cancelling artists, performers, workshops or other), without refund.

  2. We reserve the right to change the Festival dates and/or Venue, without refund.

  3. We reserve the right to publish any photos or videos of any individual across any form of media. Do not attend the Festival if You do not agree to this.

  4. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or to ask any person to leave the Venue, on reasonably health, safety or security grounds. This includes health, safety and security to self, and to others.

  5. We reserve the right (without any obligation to do so) to search all vehicles on entry to the Festival and all camps in the Campsite, to identify, remove and at our discretion dispose of glass and any other items which We reasonably consider to be dangerous to health and safety or an unacceptable risk to security.

Alcohol & Drugs

  1. All Entertainment Areas are fully licensed. You may not consume BYO alcohol in these areas.

  2. The Campsite is BYO alcohol.

  3. Please consume alcohol in moderation. Excessive alcohol consumption is a risk to Your health and safety, and the health and safety of others.

  4. Possession, sale, distribution and use of illegal & illicit substances is strictly prohibited. Do not bring these items to the Festival. You will be caught, and We will refer You to the police.

  5. We will have RSA Marshalls actively patrolling the Festival. Excessively intoxicated persons will either be escorted to the Campsite to rest or (where reasonable or necessary) to the Festival first aid team.

Other Safety Rules

  1. Glass is not permitted anywhere on the Venue. Do not bring glass with You.

  2. Motorised vehicles (including motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes and quad bikes) may only be driven while entering or exiting the Venue and, then, only on designated roads to/from the Campsite and/or designated parking areas.

  3. You may only swimming in the Swimming Area during daylight hours. Do not swim at night, or while intoxicated. Do not dive or jump into the water. Observe all signage, take appropriate care for Your own safety and look out for your mates.

Legal Stuff

  1. On Our own behalf and on behalf of the Venue Owner, We warn You that:

  • a) the Venue is a privately owned, rural property which contains known and unknown, natural and man-made obstacles, risks and dangers to health and safety;

  • b) the consumption of any intoxicating substance – including alcohol – creates a risk to personal health and safety and the health and safety of others;

  • c) We cannot guarantee the security of personal property in the Campsite;

  • d) all swimming is dangerous, the more so at night and while tired or under the influence of an intoxicating substance; and

  • e) when You attend the Festival, You will necessarily be exposed to risks which may result in loss or damage to Your property, personal injury or even death

  • f) You attend the Festival at Your own risk.

  • g) To the maximum extent permitted by law, You release and indemnify Us and the Venue Owner from and against any and all Claims and Liabilities directly or indirectly relating to your attendance at the Festival, including Your presence on the Venue and the risks associated with any activity You participate at the Festival whether or not that activity is organised by Us or supplied by a Vendor.

Important Definitions


In these terms and conditions:

Campsite means the area We designate as such, on the Festival Map.

Claim means any claim, demand, regulatory proceeding, action or cause of action or anything of a similar nature.

Entertainment Areas means the area(s) We designate as such, on the Festival Map.

Festival Map means the map we publish for the Festival on the Website.

Gate means the point of approved entry to the Venue during the Festival.

Info Tent means the location We designate as such, on the Festival Map.

Legal Fees means legal fees, costs and disbursements calculated on the higher of a full indemnity basis or a solicitor and own client basis, determined without taxation, assessment, or similar process.

Liability means any liability, loss, damage, expense or anything of a similar nature (including without limitation settlement costs and Legal Fees) sustained or incurred at any time, actually or contingently.

Smart Wristband means a wristband contains an RFID chip to facilitate payment to Vendors via the AWOP system.

Subsonic Exchange means all locations at the Festival that are marked ‘Sub X’

Swimming Area means the area We designate as such, on the Festival Map.

Valid Photo ID includes any current photographic form of personal identification which shows Your date of birth, such as a current passport, current Australian driver’s licence, current overseas driver’s licence or current Australian proof of age card.

Vendor means any person who We agree may sell goods or services at the Festival.

Venue means the place where the Festival takes place from time to time.

Venue Owner means the legal owner of the Venue, and includes the legal owner’s officers, employees, agents and contractors.

We, Us, Our etc means the entity which organises the Festival from time to time, and includes our officers, employees, agents and contractors.

Website means the website We publish for the Festival from time to time, currently www.subsonicmusic.com.au

You, Your, Yours etc means each and every person who attends the Festival.

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